Examining Different Kinds of Dog Training

September 1, 2012

Many people think of dog training as a singular subject instead of examining different kinds of dog training. While some dogs will just need some basic training that will allow them to live in a household as a domesticated pet, there are many other types of dog training for just as many purposes.

Examining Different Kinds of Dog Training

An owner of a new puppy may be most concerned with housebreaking training as a first and foremost item on the training agenda. This may include the use of newspaper with praising the behavior when the puppy is successful at “hitting the mark”. Positive reinforcements when the desired behavior is exhibited will teach the puppy that he or she is doing the proper thing. Housebreaking is a form of behavioral training.

Behavioral training is the most basic of the different kinds of dog training. This type of training is a starting point for the owner, whether the dog is a puppy or an older dog as well. Other examples of behavioral dog training is teaching the dog to stop excessive barking or the chewing and destroying of household items.


Different Kinds of Dog Training

Beyond behavioral dog training, there is obedience training. This type of training can also be well suited for young dogs as well as adult dogs. Obedience training is just what it sounds like. The owner trains the dog to obey certain commands. The commands may include sit, stay, lie down, roll over, and more.

Behavioral and obedience training are the types of training that every dog owner must incorporate to have a well behaved dog as a member of the family.

Other kinds of dog training that may interest the dog owner are agility training and vocational training. These are a step beyond what many family pet owners may need.

Agility training is for dogs who will be in competitions and vocational training readies a dog for various types of work such as a service dog or a member of law enforcement.

From the dog whisperer website:

Different Kinds of Dog Training | Dog Whisperer

(author unknown)

“Dog training doesn’t stop at obedience or puppy training!www.cesarsway.com/…/Different-Kinds-of-Dog-Training”

Different Kinds of Dog Training

All dogs need training. They have the ability to learn the behaviors that the owner will teach them.

different kinds of dog training

Behavioral training and obedience training must be a part of every dog owner’s regimen. A well behaved dog that is willing and eager to obey is a joy to his or her owner. On the flip side, an undisciplined dog who will not obey is hard to live with.

There are different kinds of dog training to accomplish different things. Take the time and effort to train your dog in the basics for a fulfilling relationship.





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